Odin was bottle-fed by his homesteader guardian in New York. She subsequently fell in love with him and decided that she would not be able to send Odin or his brothers to slaughter as was originally intended. Today, Odin and his brothers make up the Fab Four and enjoy a carefree life of freedom at […]

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Rocky is one of the Fab Four who came to us from a NY homesteader after deciding that she could not send her small herd of sheep to slaughter. This change of heart saved Rocky and his brothers who are now able to enjoy the leisurely life of grazing that they deserve. Rocky is the

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Patrick is one of the Fab Four who came from a backyard homesteader in NY. Patrick is very friendly and likes to nuzzle his head against the warm shoulders of humans. Patrick enjoys gnawing on accessories like necklaces and hair clips.

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Loki is part of the Fab Four sheep herd who escaped slaughter when their guardian homesteader fell in love with them. He is a very friendly and handsome guy. Loki has beautiful eyes that are half blue. He enjoys snuggles and pets under his chin.

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Ren is one of only two chickens that we have at Huckleberry Trails. He and his rooster buddy, Rox, were the only two survivors of a backyard neglect case. Ren has a very unique crow and we love hearing him respond to Rox’s calls.

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Rox was one of only two chickens to survive when their guardians moved and left the flock alone and uncared for. Thankfully, he was saved by a kind couple who nursed him and his best friend, Ren, back to health. We hesitated when we got the call asking if we could give them a forever

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Wyatt was saved from a backyard hoarding situation in North Carolina. He was about a year and a half old when he arrived here with Willow. It took five months for Wyatt to roll over for his first belly rub, but it was worth the wait. To know that he feels safe and loved is

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Willow was saved from a backyard hoarding situation with about 80 other pigs who were living in filthy conditions without regular access to food or water. Willow was about 6 months old when she came to Huckleberry Trails. She loves snacks, belly rubs, and her best friend, Wyatt. Willow is proof positive that love and

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Bam is the most beautiful, dainty little flower of a goat one could ever imagine. She is Zeke’s best friend and he takes good care of her. Bam is extremely affectionate, loves to be snuggled, and has ears that look like they could fly her around the world! Bam has been voted “Most Likely To

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Zeke is a rambunctious young boy who was diagnosed as being blind just a few days after he was born. His guardian found me and asked if I would take him on since he had a very large herd and would find it difficult to offer him proper care. I said yes and as it

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